As you know, we’re committed to promoting businesses and communities; and in further pursuit of that action we are now offering one more free way to increase traffic and visibility for you.

It comes in the form of blogs.

Blogs are a personal way of being discovered and visited by search engines, like Google, and people interested in your services. the best one talk to NOT AT people and are conversational.

You’ve probably created blog articles for your business. Articles on sites other than your own that link to yours can help your site get noticed.  But finding another person’s site that will allow you to write an article and put it on their site, or better yet write one about your business and link to you are hard to find. But here on Our Town Strong we are offering you that opportunity.



Blog submission details:

Your article should be between 250 and  500 words. It should be written about something that matters in your area. The blog is not to be an advertisement for your company (such as offering a discount) but rather a holistic approach that gains the attention of a greater audience.

We reserve the right to reject or edit any articles submitted to us.

If you need suggestions on topics drop us a line.

Here is an example of a blog from a fictitious Steakhouse in Macon Georgia.


Title: Cherry Blossoms are in Bloom in Macon GA

In today’s world we have learned to appreciate nature. We go for walks in our town taking in the simplest of pleasures like the cherry blossoms that bloom in my town.  Hundreds of people attend the Georgia  International Cherry Blossom Festival every year.    (etc etc etc)

So whether you are new to the area or have lived here forever stop and smell the blossoms; and while you are out and about please stop into my steakhouse.  It’s a great welcoming environment with dishes for both the meat eater and vegetarian alike at affordable prices.  I would love to see you and say hi.