dirtbusters cleaning services

DirtBusters Cleaning Services

Team Dirtbusters started as a dream in an office that began as a spare room in Laurie’s home and became a storefront on Lake Street in the Village of Hamburg.

We’re not just broom pushers, we’re Professional Cleaners and the pillars to a small business. Together we take pride in our work. Our focus? Customer satisfaction.

Clean – zero cross-contamination?

We use a color coded micro-fiber system which insures that your bathroom, kitchen, and even your floors will never be cross-contaminated. At every job, we use a fresh, clean set of micro-fiber clothes and mop heads.

Our color code is as follows:

GREEN – Kitchen only
RED – Bathroom only
YELLOW – Light dusting
BLUE –  Glass and Mirrors
BLACK– Heavy filth (i.e. inside ovens, construction clean-ups, etc)

*Paper towels are used on toilets and disposed of for obvious sanitary reasons. All of our cleaners wear gloves while cleaning bathrooms.

*Vacuum cleaners are cleaned and serviced regularly.


Phone: (716)-536-1651


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