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Buffalo is our town. It is where we laid down roots, made memories, and built our dreams. it is where you’ll find the places you love to shop, eat, and do business. And these businesses are part of the fabric that makes us, us.

It’s time to show our local businesses a little love. Order takeout. Shop online. Buy gift cards. Recommend them to friends. Write online reviews. Record shoutouts. Send business owners encouraging notes. Tip generously.

Support them when and however you can. It’s so important to keep the way of life we love alive as we transition to Open.

Food + Drink
Takeout | Curbside Pickup | Delivery

Browse the list of restaurants, specialty food products, bakeries, and food trucks, offering takeout, curbside, and delivery with links to their online ordering systems or quickest way to order.

Retail Therapy

Support Buffalo area retailers and take advantage of online stores with shipping, curbside pickup, or local delivery.

Contact Local Services

Lawyers, CPAs, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Real Estate Agents, Web Designers, Yoga Instructors, Painters, Music Lessons, and more are available on zoom and phone calls… check out our growing lists.